2: Building it Slow in a Fast-Paced World with Karla Gallardo of Cuyana

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Today’s guest is Karla Gallardo, the co-founder and CEO of Cuyana, a San Francisco-based company on a mission to make clothing and accessories for women who want fewer, better things in their closets. Along with the apparel company’s sophisticated take on casual cool, Cuyana stands out for its ultra-edited collections of thoughtfully-made, stylish basics. They had me at machine -washable silk!

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Upbeat and determined, Karla stands out for taking the time she needed to build her company pre-launch (4 years, people!) and putting serious stock in the importance of quality in an M.V.P. world.

She tells me how she got to where she is, what shocked her about American shoppers when she first moved to the United States from her native Ecuador and how she managed to slow-build a brand in our fast-paced, frenetic world.

Listen in for her story, tips and advice, including the book that changed her life and a mini-counseling session for my inner cheapskate.


Cuyana: www.cuyana.com

Facebook: Facebook.com/cuyana.sf

Instagram: @Cuyana

Twitter: @Cuyana

Book: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo

T-Shirt Phrase: Fewer, Better Things.

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