9: Being Bold Enough to Create What Doesn’t Exist with Liza Kindred of Third Wave Fashion


It’s one thing to know you can accomplish something. But it’s another thing entirely to stand up, take ownership of that thing and get it done. Bonus points if that thing doesn’t already exist, and you’re the one cutting the first path. Third Wave Fashion founder and CEO did just that after she left a successful career in open source software to launch her New York-based fashion think tank and consultancy. Today, her company’s Third Wave Fashion magazine is the only print publication dedicated to what’s happening now and what’s up ahead in fashion tech.

But that’s not all Liza’s up to these days. She’s hard at work on a forthcoming book about wearable tech and design, and she’s a frequent speaker, teacher and presenter both in New York and around the world.

In this episode, hear from one of fashion tech’s pioneers about her path from retail and styling to the very different world of software and how that prepared her for what she was ultimately meant to do.

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Listen to the episode for her can’t-miss advice for public speaking that will win over an audience every time, her approach to turning down those “can I pick your brain” and coffee request emails and why she’s doubled-down on editorial content at an increasingly tumultuous time for mainstream media.

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