8: Thinking Differently About China, Slow Fashion + Feminine Power with Anna Lecat of Les Lunes

Ep-8-Blog-Post-BannerSince when is made in China linked to sustainability? Well, it is when you’re talking to today’s guest, Anna Lecat, the founder and CEO of Les Lunes, a womenswear label rooted in super-soft separates, lingerie and lounge wear made of bamboo, designed in Paris and manufactured in a company-owned facility in China.

Funny enough, Lecat lives – at least most of the time – just outside of San Francisco. An example of just how mobile and global a sustainable fashion entrepreneur can be these days, Anna is full of surprises. Born in Ukraine and fluent in Chinese, she’s building a brand known for all-day wearability and a soft, feminine appeal. But don’t let the aesthetic fool you. Anna is as strong as they come.

She lets listeners in on why she chose China to manufacture her line, the ups and downs of marrying your product to a finicky fabric like bamboo and her approach to femininity as a source of power. You’ll also hear her insight on the importance of face-to-face interactions with customers and her unique approach to carrying that out.

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Listen to the episode for her story, tips and advice, including her biggest business leap of faith to date and her reasons for embracing slow manufacturing over fast-fashion.


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