7: Hustle Harder, Stay Honest + Know Your Girl with Wildfang CEO Emma McIlroy


Badassness is central to today’s show. My guest is Emma McIlroy, co-founder and CEO of Wildfang, a Portland-based fashion retailer with a super passionate fan base – and for good reason: the company is one of the very few purveyors of menswear-inspired style made for women. And while the clothes are a serious part of the draw, the real attraction has a lot to do with the brand’s ethos and effort to stand for badass, independent women who do things a little differently.

Much of that spirit comes straight from Emma and her co-founder and best friend Julia Parsley. Ex-Nike employees fed up with the lack of clothing options to fit their style leanings, they set out to build a company that would let its customers step into the looks they’d wanted but couldn’t find.

A few years into the retail adventure, Emma is about as real and authentic as they come when she talks about what Wildfang has done well – and where it’s screwed up. You’ll be inspired by her hustle, how well she knows the Wildfang girl, her frank response to a question about serious internal screw-up on social media and her dedication to the people who shop and follow her company.



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Listen in for her story, tips and advice, including insight on building loyal fans in a niche market and her extremely practical – but not exactly easy – strategy for getting all those celebrities to pop up on Instagram in Wildfang clothes.


Wildfang: www.wildfang.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wildfang

Instagram: @wearewildfang

Twitter: @wearewildfang and @irishem333

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Got kids? Check out Emma’s children’s book about a little tomboy: Emma’s a Gem

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