6: Bye Silicon Valley, Hello RV + 3D Printing Startup with Lucy Beard of Feetz

Ep-6-Blog-Post-BannerToday’s guest is Lucy Beard, the founder and CEO of Feetz, a shoe company aiming to deliver custom, 3D printed footwear with an added sustainable twist when its first products hit the market later this year. And while where Lucy is going next is pretty exciting stuff – cutting edge technology that creates shoes you can send back for recycling when you’re done with them –  it’s her journey to now that’s going to stop you in your tracks.

That’s because Lucy did everything right: climbed the corporate ladder, secured a solid job at a well-known Internet gaming startup and reached an enviable level of success. But it just wasn’t right. So then she did what many dream of, but never quite get around to doing: she quit her job, packed her things into an RV and headed on an epic roadtrip. Finally ready to say yes to the entrepreneurial urges she’d been setting aside for seven – seven! – years, Lucy stepped onto a new path pioneering 3D printed fashion for the masses.

Listen to why she chose Chattanooga, Tennessee over the Bay Area for her startup, just how crucial in-person meetups were to getting her business off the ground and how waiting in line at Starbucks changed her life.



But wait, there’s more!



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Don’t miss her take on the benefits of building a startup outside of Silicon Valley and how she’s using 3D printing to create footwear that’s not only a perfect fit, but sustainably made and ethically-sourced.


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Instagram: @FeetzShoes

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