5: From Kitchen Table to $44.5M with Tradesy Founder & CEO Tracy DiNunzio

Ep-5-Blog-Post-BannerToday’s guest is Tracy DiNunzio, the founder and CEO of Tradesy, a fashion resale platform where women connect to buy and sell secondhand apparel, handbags, shoes, jewelry and even wedding dresses. The look of the site and many of the items sold there is sleek and sophisticated – like the pages of your favorite fashion magazine.

But it wasn’t always this way. Tracy – a former bartender, artist and self-described bohemian – started her business from her apartment, where she slept on the couch and rented out her bedroom through Airbnb to fund her first company, a peer-to-peer resale site for wedding dresses. With no tech experience, she bootstrapped her brand and later rolled it into Tradesy, which continues her original mission, but on a much larger scale. From the one-woman show that started in her early thirties, Tracy has built one of Silicon Beach’s top startups, amassed a reported $44.5M in venture capital funding and grown a team that’s now north of 110 people.

But the really cool part? It’s Tracy herself. You’ll immediately notice her unusual mind, one that’s creative, yet pragmatic, far from dry and buttoned up, but able to quickly sharpen focus to reach a goal.



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Listen in for her story, tips and advice, including our chat about her journey starting a fashion company from nothing, how she squashes self-doubt and how mastering SEO seriously changed the game for her company.


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