4: Living Like You Have Nothing to Lose with Phuong Mai of P.MAI

Ep-4-Blog-Post-BannerToday’s guest is Phuong Mai, the founder and CEO of P.MAI, a young brand with a fresh mission: deliver a women’s backpack that’s ultra functional, but stylish enough to jive with polished daytime looks. At first, it may sound like a modest goal. But then you start thinking, wait a second, why aren’t there more products designed for women’s bodies? Why is society’s dominant form of carry-all for women a bag that hangs on one shoulder, pulling you down, f-ing up your back and throwing you out of alignment? Why should we have to look like day-hikers or high school students to bring what we need along with us on all our daily adventures?

Phuong left a career in management consulting to develop an alternative. She’s at work designing and manufacturing a sophisticated take on the average backpack, one specifically made for women’s bodies, one that will look as at home in the Financial District as it will riding shotgun on your next weekend wine country jaunt.

The thing is, unlike a lot of companies that will be featured on the show, the product isn’t what first got my attention. It was Phuong herself – quite literally. She has a knack for putting herself out there, and she used it to strike up a conversation at an event I was attending earlier this year. Listen to the episode for Phuong’s super cool, authentic perspective on walking up to total strangers – including her run-in with Tyra Banks!



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We also chat about her journey starting a fashion company with no fashion experience, embracing constraints and how she got the word out about her company’s recent Kickstarter campaign.

Listen in for her story, tips and advice, including her strategies for keeping Facebook and social media fresh with very little available product, how she organizes her day and the email tool she can’t live without.


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