How Streamlining A FEST Business Meant Success, Less Stress + Speaking Gigs with Adrienne Wiley of Covet and Frolick Jewelry




Taking huge leaps in your business can be all about the baby steps. For proof of that, dive into this week’s episode of the Spirit of 608 podcast featuring a FEST-ive female founder who started out small and now counts a decade+ as a San Francisco retailer, her line of hand-assembled jewelry in hundreds of locations around the country and a thriving private label business.

Listen for a jewelry industry insider’s journey from the early days of the maker movement to tackling 17 trade shows a year, finding success by streamlining, writing a book and snagging speaking spots at top conferences such as Alt. Learn how she did it on the show.

Meet this week’s guest, Adrienne Wiley, Founder of Covet

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Fred Segal

The Ritz-Carlton

Adventures in Wholesale by Adrienne Wiley


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IBISS Boutique

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