11: Breaking Down Barriers to Eco Fashion & Beauty with Ecohabitude’s Kristen Drapesa


Ever geared up to shop eco-friendly or sustainable or fair trade or socially conscious goods and then just pffft…lost your steam as you tried to wade through the wilds of the Internet to find what you need? That’s exactly the common consumer conundrum Ecohabitude is here to help sort out. After her mother’s battle with breast cancer, founder and CEO Kristen Drapesa launched the online marketplace to connect shoppers with healthier beauty products and ethically-produced fashion.

Today the New York ecommerce startup it a gateway to much more, including eco-friendly children’s clothing, homewares, wedding gifts and edibles such as coffee and spices.

Kristen talks about the chicken-and-egg decision that faces many early stage entrepreneurs: do you go for the vendors and partners first or the audience? Hear her answer, as well as her thoughts on the challenges facing fashion labels that want to produce apparel from eco-positive materials or using socially responsible manufacturing and much more on this episode of the podcast.

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Listen to the episode for her journey from Hawaii to San Francisco to New York, her favorite travel and time-management apps and the reason she opted to dive into the eco-friendly fashion space with a peer-to-peer marketplace model.


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