10: From Elle to Digital Fashion Media Powerhouse with Katherine Power of Who What Wear

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Today’s guest has a name spells power. Well, actually, it IS power. Katherine Power, the co-founder and CEO of Clique Media, the content and technology company that publishes Who What Wear, a digital fashion platform that’s among the best-known sites out there for fashion fans tracking what’s hot right now – especially among celebrities, top bloggers and fashion icons.

Since founding the site in 2006, Katherine and co-founder Hilary Kerr, both former fashion magazine editors, have grown the site into a media company that now includes beauty site Byrdie and lifestyle destination MyDomaine and churns out over 700 social media communications a day from its Los Angeles headquarters.

The site covers celebrities and the familiar faces of fashion icons closely, but never snarkily. A positive approach to showing what the most talked-about names in popular culture are wearing right now has not only won the site legions of fans, but helped build support from the celebs themselves.

Katherine talks about her start at well-known L.A. entertainment company Bolthouse Productions, how she landed a role as an editor for Elle magazine before leaving that coveted gig to start what hadn’t existed before: a digital destination that not only showcased celebrity fashion, but showed viewers where to buy it.

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Listen to the episode for her story, tips and advice, including how her early career managing the VIP guest list of Hollywood nightclubs prepared her for a role as a fashion editor, her thoughts on social media tailored to millennials and whether anyone who cares about Fashion with a capital F actually cares about sustainability these days.


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