19: Enrou Co-founders Ann Wang and Jessica Willison on the $400K Win that Put Them on the Map


It’s one thing to launch a startup when you’re barely out of college. It’s another to launch it and then win a $400K prize from one of the most well-known business media companies in the world within a few months, then go on to speak at TEDx and land a slew of press, including mentions in Women’s Wear Daily, the Los Angeles Times and Refinery29. But that’s what happened to Ann Wang and Jessica Willison, co-founders socially-conscious shopping site Enrou.co, seller of artisan-made apparel and accessories from around the world.

On the show, Ann and Jessica share their co-founder story, give listeners insight into the millennial’s shopping mindset and reveal a parenting trick that may very well be the best idea I’ve heard lately for getting kids to think about entrepreneurship.

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Listen to the show for Ann and Jessica’s favorite tech tools for managing their growing business, what it feels like to win a pitch competition you didn’t even think you’d be invited to attend and their advice for growing a company when you know you have a lot to learn.


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