17: Denise Bradley-Tyson of InspiredLuxe.com on Going from Film to Fine Art to Feel-Good Fashion

denise bradley tyson

Distinguished with a capital D. That’s how I describe Denise Bradley-Tyson in the the opening of today’s show, and you’ll see why as you listen to her casually explain her journey from the film and television industry to the international art world and then onto fashion ecommerce. Now pouring her efforts into InspiredLuxe.com (when she’s not acting as the president of the San Francisco Film Commission or running into Diane von Furstenberg, Arianna Huffington and Gloria Steinem, of course), Denise is both an early stage entrepreneur and seasoned expert in art and craftsmanship from around the globe. The founding executive director of the Museum of the African Diaspora in San Francisco, she’s committed to bringing artisan-created fashion and accessories to the Net-A-Porter set – and making sure we know the stories behind the goods at the same time.

Denise talks about why she chose ecommerce and fashion as the focal point of her latest venture, how she’s navigated a career that’s taken her all over the world and the helpful, old-school tool for getting the word out that’s helped her during her first months in business.

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Listen for Denise’s advice, hear her story and learn why she’d put “Why Trust Your Brand?” on a t-shirt.


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