Crowdfunding Maternity Leave with FEST Founder and Diehard Supporter of San Francisco’s Artisan Entrepreneurs Eden Stein of Secession Art + Design

This week’s podcast guest is all about collaboration – and not in the ways you might think. Yes, her brand, Secession Art & Design, is a gallery, boutique and workspace in San Francisco’s Mission neighborhood that’s championed the local arts scene for well over a decade. And yes, she’s managed to create an untraditional storefront that allows customers to experience curated shows and see the process of art being made in-house — all on a bootstrapped budget. And it’s also true that, for more than four years, Secession was awarded Best Art Gallery by San Francisco Bay Guardian newspaper readers for its continued efforts to push the envelope in exhibitions and wearable art. Last but not least, it has since grown to represent over 50 independent artists and designers.

But Secession isn’t the only thing Eden has collaborated with others on. Facing the need to continue operating her business as a new mom, she made the bold – yet ridiculously sensible move – to crowdfund her own maternity leave, and has seen restructured her business to adapt to being a new mom. How’d she successfully crowdfund enough from her community to keep her business running during her first days as a new mom? Find out on this episode of the Spirit of 608.

Meet this week’s guest, Eden Stein, owner and curator of Secession Art & Design

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What you need to know:

Eden realized that as an entrepreneur and store owner, she had no one to ask for a maternity leave from when she got pregnant. After all, as a business owner, what happens to the business if she goes on leave? That’s when she had the idea to throw it back to her community and turned to crowdfunding for help. Eden hopes that her story adds the conversation around women in business, and in particular, mothers in business. As she puts it, “You should have the choice to have a family and a business and not have to sacrifice.”


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