Coming Soon: The Bot for Nails

Getting your nails done has come a long way from sitting around at a slumber party pooled over polishes n’ popcorn. It seems that nowadays, you can glide into a salon with cuticles from hell and leave with the hands of a queen. But, let’s take it even further. What if you didn’t have to step into a salon at all? What if you could have runway nails from the comfort of your own home?

It seems that Preemadonna, recently selected as one of just five companies accepted into the L’Oreal and Founders Factory accelerator program, has heard your cries for help with the Nailbot, a tech-enabled mani bot that prints designs of your choosing onto your digits instantly. Okay, so many questions. 

We caught up with Preemadonna founder (and future Spirit of 608 podcast guest) Pree Walia to learn more about the sure-to-become-iconic gizmo.

Digging the name of the company. What’s the story behind Preemadonna’s name and how it came to be?

Thanks! We believe that Preemadonna is a powerful word. It means you are a dynamic person, someone who is smart, curious, a leader and that in turn makes you beautiful. If you are into reading the full (behind the scenes) story of our name, check out this piece

The Nailbot is a first-of-its-kind piece of equipment that combines fashion and tech. How was The Nailbot born?

I worked on LED lights and building automation for a number of years at hardware startups in Silicon Valley (even sold LED lights). And during the summer of 2012 on vacation, I was searching for a way to get a great customized manicure in Europe. It took her two days to get an appointment and 30 euro to get what I needed done at a nail salon. After that, I was convinced there way a better way. Once I saw some of those LED dryers for at home use in major stores and recruiting early technical talent, I connected the dots with between using a smartphone, an at home device and a consumable to create the Nailbot experience.

The Nailbot has a wait list. How long until we can get our hands on The Nailbot?

We have over 30,000 people that signed up on our waitlist. It’s very exciting for a startup. We launched early crowdfunding campaigns for beta units and Kickstarter units, and we will start shipping those out later this year.

Are there any other products or features that will accompany The Nailbot or that Preemadonna is thinking of in the future?

Absolutely. We have so many versions of the Nailbot in the works (one that is even a swipe to print) and eventually a Nailbot that will even paint your whole nail (just wait). We have other mobile printers in mind that we are working on – stay tuned and you’ll see them introduced in the near future.

You were recently accepted into L’Oreal’s accelerator program. What’s most exciting to you about that opportunity?

We are so excited to be a part of the Founders Factory and L’Oreal beauty accelerator. It gives us direct access to leading scientists and experts in nail cosmetics, global marketing insights and the public support of one of the largest personal care and cosmetics companies in the world.

Want to know more about this FEST-ive brand’s forthcoming technology and what it takes to build a high-tech beauty bot for the masses? Stay tuned for Pree’s episode of the Spirit of 608 podcast coming out spring 2017. — Melissa Angell

Photo credits: Preemadonna



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