You Can Thank These FEST Founders For Making Your Apple Watch Look Better than Ever

New from Bezels & Bytes, Apple Watch bands are building on the San Francisco-based startup’s rep as the place to head when increasing the style quotient of your fave wearables is a must on your to-do list.

While the latest collection is all about dressing up the Apple Watch, Bezels & Bytes got its start bringing a serious style upgrade to the FitBit for women tired of awkwardly pairing their activity tracker with an otherwise killer look.

In fact, Bezels & Bytes founders Sarah Shapiro and Melissa Koerner were solving their own problem. Being avid FitBit users and veterans of the retail world, Shapiro and Koerner wanted wearable tech that you’d, well, actually want to wear. “[Since we care] a lot about personal style, we just didn’t think that was right,” says Melissa in Spirit of 608 episode 82 featuring Bezels & Bytes.

“We felt that a lot of technology companies were creating styles, and they would think of women as, we’ll do this version in pink silicone instead of the black silicone….We were almost a little bit upset and offended that we were kind of left out of this technology innovation,” she says. 

That’s when Sarah and Melissa decided to take things into their own hands. Armed with their experience working in the fashion industry, this pair of FEST founders began with the product they knew best – the FitBit. Bezels & Bytes puts a whole new spin on the FitBit’s look, turning it into very fashionable jewelry. Instead of wearing a bulky rubber bracelet, your FitBit becomes a stylish cuff or a bracelet, encased in charms or gold bands. The goal? For these accessories to be accessories customers actually want to wear – even without the FitBit. There have even been customers who have bought FitBits just to wear the brand’s accessories.

“We definitely have a lot of the same people who will pick up our jewelry and start to wear it, and then they don’t even plan to wear a FitBit,” says Sarah, “but we certainly have customers that have purchased our jewelry and then gone on to buy it.”

Bezels & Bytes’ positive approach to fashionable tech has garnered them lots of attention, including mentions on Women’s Health Magazine, Oprah Magazine, the San Francisco Chronicle, and Refinery 29, to name a few. And before all that press, customers were already giving the company rave reviews, spreading the news like their fashion tip. 

“We love the idea that you could buy a piece of technology and then come to Bezels & Bytes to accessorize it in a way that feels personal to you and that allows you to express your sense of style,” says Melissa.

The best part is that none of a device’s functionality is lost with these fashionable add ons. “We wanted to make sure you could still tap it and see if the lights light up, so you see all that,” explains Sarah. “We knew that if we were wearing our FitBit, we were wearing it to track steps, we were wearing it to track our sleep. We needed it to give us that information.” This means that you’ll still get all the notifications. For example, if you’re wearing your Charge, it will still vibrate if you’re receiving a phone call or a text message, and that’s the case with all Bezels & Bytes accessories.

Along with the new Apple Watch collection available for pre-sale now, Bezels & Bytes currently offers accessories for the FitBit Charge/Charge HR, the FitBit Flex and the FitBit One. They’ve expanded to stacking bangles and a variety of cuff bracelets and charm bracelets that you can layer alongside other trackers or devices. 

Stay tuned for the Bezels & Bytes men’s collection slated to launch later this year. 

In the meantime, Bezels & Bytes is proof that we don’t need to sacrifice style to get the benefit of wearable tech. With more and more female founders bringing their perspective to the wearable tech landscape, we’re betting this is just the beginning of where fashion and tech can  – and will go – in the future. 

— By Mika Fabella

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