16: Cady Boughtin of EnjoyEssential.com on Instagram Shop Ownership, Giving Back and Getting Ahead

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Plenty of us have fantasized about ditching a day job to build a business out of that really cool and beautiful thing that we’re really good at making. But Cady Boughtin actually did it. Starting on a whim with a few inexpensive baby onesies, this 20-something entrepreneur was soon making enough to quit her professional gig and launch EnjoyEssential, an online ecommerce shop specializing in women’s and children’s t-shirts emblazoned with Boughtin’s cheeky sayings and pop culture-inspired memes.

With income streaming in – and Cady goes into detail about how much she was making early on in the episode – she grew her store to include an active wear line of tanks and, in early 2015, added a philanthropic twist to her company. Without raising tee prices, she committed to buying and donating a meal to a non-profit organization near her hometown of Fairfield, CA for every purchase. She even rounds up her team and shops for the non-perishable goods herself and delivers them to organizations like Mission Solano and Solano Country Heart 2 Heart.

During our chat, you’ll hear us talk about her start on etsy, why she left the platform and why she’s back on it again, as well as her thoughts on Instagram shop owner etiquette, the murky underbelly of blogger freebies and why everyone thinks she has children when, in fact, she doesn’t.

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Listen to the show for Cady’s insider view on building a business that relies on Instagram for most of its sales, how giving back actually helps her bottom line even though it comes directly out of her profits and her favorite office product of all time.


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