Building a Secondhand Style Swapping Startup in Los Angeles with Swap Society’s Nicole Robertson

When it comes to conscious consumerism, advocates for minimalism and intentional shopping, both seemingly gentler ways to enjoy fashion, often run up against the harsh reality of U.S. consumers’ baked in urge to, well, consume. In the face of that, swapping style online stands out as an alternative that, these days, is starting to hold more than ample appeal — even outside the thrifters and vintage fans behind so many low-tech equivalents. On this week’s episode, we meet a former beauty industry veteran and bioplastics executive who is building an online direct-to-consumer site for swapping women’s and children’s clothing.

Listen to the show for her story and how she’s making it easier than ever for fans of more sustainable fashion to swap and get the right value in points for their clothes, all while indulging their urge for the new. Along with her fashion startup journey, we dive into the Los Angeles-based company’s Instagram swap challenge and how it’s helped to grow their audience and build community. Use this conversation for inspiration on your own journey toward building a business at the intersection of fashion, entrepreneurship, sustainability + tech (a space I call FEST).

Meet this week’s guest, Nicole Robertson, founder of Swap Society. 

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