Bringing the Spiritual Into Business + Unexpected Personal Revelations With Balanced Fashion’s Nataliya Makulova

It’s funny how things work out. Chance conversations lead to things you never knew you needed in life. If that sounds intriguing to you, get ready for an episode that goes where few of our past episodes have: into the spiritual realm. At a time of year when so many people around the world are contemplating things bigger than business, we have a conversation that’s kind of about building a brand, but also kind of about life in general – and how there are increasingly narrower boundaries between the two. Although it was planned as a show about bringing the spiritual realm into a business, this episode roved into new – and very personal territory. Listen for a conversation about how mindset, perspective and the approach we all take to our day-to-day experience can – and does – affect our ability to build businesses with missions.

Meet this week’s guest, Nataliya Makulova, Founder of Balanced Fashion.

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What you’ll learn

What’s the difference between purpose and profit? Nataliya Makulova of Balanced Fashion says that this is something that all brands need to define, as purpose lays down the foundation for the long term as well as a brand’s impact in the world. Nataliya says, “Purpose is much bigger than profit because profit is a monetary amount and money is a physical aspect and the result of our actions.” Maybe you’ll think different about purpose and profit, money and your mission after you listen to Nataliya in this week’s episode.

How you’ll be inspired

Nataliya believes that business is an extension of yourself. Whatever you believe in, whatever drives you – all that is projected outward by your business. Because of this, Nataliya puts heavy emphasis on self-care and self-assessment. Where’s a  business going to go if its leader doesn’t care about his or her spiritual or physical wellbeing? Find out how you might be projecting more of yourself into your business than you think with Nataliya’s two cents in Episode 164.

What you’ll tell your friends

There’s a lot of hype around the hustle. So many assume that working hard means being more productive. Nataliya thinks otherwise. She believes that work that is driven by fear – fear of not making enough sales, fear of losing clients, fear of not being enough – isn’t the most fruitful type of work. Nataliya instead favors replacing that fear with the opposite of hustle, a state of acceptance and peace that encourages receiving. Liking where this is going? Tune into more from Nataliya in this week’s episode.

Resource of the week

Pick up your pen: Nataliya says that everyone has to find the system that works for them. For her, she’s found that simply writing things down encourages her to be more productive than any other app can.

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