Bootstrapping a FashTech Biz from Nicole Miller to Startup to Success with Andrea Marron of Ragtrades

This week, we hear from a founder who started out at one of the most recognizable mainstream fashion brands of its era and went on to become a rising star in the industry’s burgeoning move towards ecommerce. But then, spurred by earlier experiments in entrepreneurship and a chance collaboration with her future co-founder a at a hackathon, this week’s guest left her solid career in fashion with a capital “F” and broke off to start her own company. But instead of design, she chose machine learning and data. On the show, hear how this female founder started a fashion tech company without venture funding — and why she’s a big believer in bootstrapping, even to this day.


Meet this week’s guest, Andrea Marron founder of Ragtrades.


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Twitter: @Ragtrades

LinkedIn: Ragtrades Inc.


Ragtrades – Global Market Intelligence for Brands and Retailers

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