Bonus Episode: We Look at the FEST Before the Spirit of 608 with Underclothes V. 1

On this week’s show, we’re not playing a regular interview like we normally do. Instead, we’re going back in time and reissuing a handful of episodes of a podcast that really, when all is said and done, is the reason the Spirit of 608 exists in the first place.

You’re invited to head with us into the archives for episode one of the Underclothes podcast, the show that preceded the Spirit of 608.

In this episode, we talk to ladies leading two very FEST-ive brands – Road Twenty-Two and Marine Layer – as we explore a question that anyone who’s ever tried to shop ethically will have run into: are you really going to pay more because of how it was made? A few more things before you listen: as you’ll hear me say in the introduction to the show, the Underclothes podcast was far from perfect. In fact, we had next to no audio skills, no clue how to podcast and very little interest in polite decorum. What we did have: so much fun. And time. And a desire to just do this thing. And despite the warts, the handful of episodes co-host Haley Stone and I were able to produce in 2015 were very much inspired by the intersection of fashion, entrepreneurship, sustainability + tech (which, as you probably know by now, I call FEST and will tell you is the future of the fashion industry). If you’ve listened to the Spirit of 608 and you’re into the idea of FEST, I hope these episodes can bring you a different kind of examination of the same issues – and maybe some laughs. Because we are most definitely way sillier in Underclothes than I am on the Spirit of 608. Plus, more comic relief comes in my sad and accidental imitation of NPR’s Sarah Koenig, my 80-year-old trucker voice and the fact that we just generally had no idea what we were doing.

This episode brought to you with support from the FEST-ive folks at Betabrand. Save 20% off when you shop and use code SPIRIT20. But wait, there’s more below!



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Listen in on today’s conversation for a dive into two brands we admire, as well as a final segment at the end where we pick the name of our podcast, only to discover that Googling “underclothes” comes with a few unexpected twists of its own.


Road Twenty-Two

Marine Layer

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