Behind The Scenes with Talia Eve on the Creation + Badass Branding of Evewear: L.A.’s “It” Sustainable Sleepwear Biz

Taking a career risks is never easy. But super early on? It’s easier in some ways, more challenging in others. But when you have a strong vision, knack for branding and drive to fill a hole in the marketplace, you might just cruise from risk to reward like this week’s guest on the Spirit of 608 podcast. Founder of a Los Angeles-based sustainable sleepwear brand that goes from day to know while relying on deadstock fabrics and incorporating zero waste design principles, the voice on the show is one who’ll inspire you whether you’re just starting out or have been building a business for years.

Meet this week’s guest, Talia Eve, founder and CEO of Evewear.

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What you need to know:

Growing up in New York, Talia Eve had the unique opportunity to start her career in fashion at the young age of 17 as an intern at Dolce & Gabbana. From the infamous archive closets at Dolce to the rig walls of Ralph Lauren to the tiny first studio of Jonathan Simkhai to the Tribeca townhouse of Erin Fetherston and then to the old Hollywood inspired romance of Co, Talia got a glimpse into the inner workings of the fashion world. Next, moving to Los Angeles, Talia Eve wanted to create a clothing brand that every girl could identify with, feel confident wearing (cue sleepwear) and would make a positive impact in the world. In April 2018, Talia started Evewear, a sleepwear brand that uses all recycled fabrics and supports the local economy by manufacturing all product in Los Angeles.

Evewear came to life through understanding the experience of the modern day woman. As women, our moods, needs, and personalities are constantly evolving so why wouldn’t our clothing reflect these changes too? Evewear gives women the option to dress according to their different moods, not based on trends, demographics, or anything that can be quantified. The Free Spirit, Tomboy, Girl Next Door, Icon, and Romantic live inside each one of us.



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