97: From Burberry to Building a Marketplace for Modern Luxury with Orchard Mile’s Jennie Baik

Sometimes you know you’re destined to go out on your own – and sometimes, it’s a total surprise when you wake up one day and watch yourself leaving an insanely good job for adventures in startuplandia.

Meet this week’s guest, Jennie Baik, co-founder of Orchard Mile.

This female founder had an enviable gig heading up strategy in the Americas for Burberry and never had a formal plan to end up on her own one day. But when the opportunity came along to collaborate with her current co-founders, she left a job many only dream about and hasn’t looked back.

These days she’s bringing her luxury fashion insight to Orchard Mile, a marketplace that not only offers shoppers access to brands’ full collections in one place, but also goes well beyond today’s norm to create loyalty and a feeling of bespoke luxury in a digital space.

Along with insight from a founder who’s been on the brand side of one of fashion’s biggest names, this week’s conversation puts a fresh spin on what true luxury means today, as well as the marketplace model and how data has the potential to influence fashion companies to make better, more ethical production choices.

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