96: How This Mother-Daughter Team Built The Body Positive, Eco-Friendly, High-Tech Denim Brand Beija-Flor

What could be a better fit for the Spirit of 608: a women-owned denim company committed to socially-responsible manufacturing and curve-flattering styles made from eco-friendly and high-tech textiles that have won fans in upscale boutiques across the country and, most recently, distribution in Bloomingdale’s? When you find out that this South Carolina-based mother-daughter team started out small, grew the company slowly and somehow continued to try new and innovative things every step of the way, you’ll want to hear every minute of the conversation they’re bringing to the podcast.

Meet this week’s guests, Kathy Moça and Emilie Whitaker, the mother & daughter co-founders of Beija-Flor.

Here’s us betting you’ll love Kathy and Emilie’s dynamic just as much as you do their use of denim made using Repreve 100% recycled fibers and cellulite-fighting textile technology Emana. You’ll hear how they took their family background in fashion wholesale and built a new company inspired by the culture of Brazil, why they’ve continued to insist on ethical business practices as they’ve grown and what may not be as glamorous as you think about building a denim brand with hundreds of stockists, a thriving online shop, two retail stores and an at-home try-on program.


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