94: KNOWLEDGE DROP With Brevity Brand’s Dara Elliott, Who Teaches Us What it Takes to Get Press Coverage for Your Crowdfunded Brand

This week, we introduce the first Spirit of 608 Knowledge Drop episode, part of a new regular series we’re excited to bring to the show and share with listeners hungry for real-world training from a FEST founder who’s making things happen. Ready to learn how to get press coverage from places like Brit + Co, The Huffington Post and popular podcasts like Crowd Crux’s Crowdfunding Demystified? Get trained by female founder who’s done all of the above and then some just a few months past the launched of her new brand.

Meet this week’s guest, Dara Elliott, founder of Brevity Brand.

You’ll hear about Dara’s new brand – one that’s creating women’s apparel with serious work-life balance – and what she did to score press mentions before she even kicked off her first crowdfunding campaign. After filling us in on her path and the collection she’s building starting with the completely covetable Do Anything jacket, Dara drops her knowledge and schools us on how she pitched writers and podcasters, the different ways she approached very different kinds of media outlets and how she leverages data to help make her media outreach highly targeted and as effective as possible.

Listen to the episode for the tools Dara uses to DIY her own PR, her approach to drafting successful pitches and her super smart tactics for turning her interactions with media peeps into meaningful coverage.

A big thanks to Dara for coming on and sharing not only her story, but also her skills.

This episode brought to by PressDope, the affordable alternative to traditional PR and media relations made with care for socially-responsible fashion brands by the Spirit of 608. 



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