93: LIVE MEDIA STRATEGY SESSION with Ethical Fashion Retailer Emma Olson of Hazel & Rose

This week, we introduce the first Spirit of 608 Live Media Strategy Session episode, part of a new regular series we’re excited to bring to the show and share with listeners who are equal parts curious about real, day-to-day FEST Founder experiences growing brands devoted to doing fashion differently. We couldn’t kick this off with a more spot-on guest. We’re betting you’ll fall in love not only with the cool girl clothes she sources from sustainable brands, but also her openness, smarts and go-getter spirit.

Meet this week’s guest, Emma Olson of Hazel & Rose.

You’ll hear how about Emma’s Minneapolis shop at an important time in the life of her business. Already a popular shop in her area and a source the local media turns to for expert commentary on sustainability just a year into business, Emma is aiming to grow her brand’s online presence and get noticed by national media. But making that happen during the hectic days of owning and operating a retail and ecommerce store, social media marketing and – you know – trying to have an actual life? Not so easy. In today’s conversation we dive into the next steps Emma can take to make media outreach a regular habit each day and begin reaching the right journalists, bloggers and influencers as she hustles to DIY her PR and media relations.

Listen to the episode as we unpack Emma’s three biggest media challenges, break them down and offer up a solution for each that she can start using right after she gets off the call. Stick around to the end for the tools Emma has used to sharpen her knowledge in graphic design, marketing and other subjects while trying to rev up her skills on a lean budget.

A big thanks to Emma for coming on and sharing not only her story, but also her challenges with listeners.

This episode brought to by PressDope, the affordable alternative to traditional PR and media relations made with care for socially-responsible fashion brands by the Spirit of 608. 



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