92: Behind-the-Scenes with Sustainable Fashion Influencer Kestrel Jenkins, Host of Conscious Chatter & A Whole Lot More

This week, we devote an episode to a voice that’s no doubt familiar to many in sustainable fashion space – one that’s led many listeners to discover the Spirit of 608 podcast, in fact. But while you may have heard from this podcaster before, you may not have heard her story, an entrepreneurial one that extends far beyond the fashion world to walnut burgers, branding and – most recently – San Diego luxury boat charters.

Meet this week’s guest, Kestrel Jenkins, founder of the sustainable fashion podcast Conscious Chatter.

You’ll hear how she went from a tiny midwestern town growing up in a eco-minded, family-owned and -operated business to traveling the world before landing in Southern California, where she currently lives and works with her hands in not one, but multiple different companies. On the weekly show she hosts featuring conversations with leaders, founders and experts from the ethical fashion world, Kestrel has built a following with insightful interviews that reveal her natural curiosity about the people she features. With an unassuming and easy-going style, Kestrel never fails to put the focus on her guest’s story. But Kestrel has quite the story of her own.

Listen to the episode for Kestrel’s journey from college to pursuing a career in media writing for publications such as Ecouterre and launching her podcast, as well as her experience growing up with a family business that’s spawned a popular vegetarian burger product you can find at Whole Foods, among other stores. Stick around to the end of the show to hear the two books she recommends every ethically-minded entrepreneur read, as well the question she likes to ask everyone she interviews.

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