91: How Scaling Retail’s Syama Meagher Left Some of Fashion’s Biggest Names to Build New Brands & Groom Future CEOs

With stints at Barney’s, Gucci and the startup AHALife under her belt, this week’s guest thought she’d end up climbing the corporate retail ranks and someday taking on the role of CEO for a big name brand. But a mid-career realization led her to shift gears. Fast forward to today, and she’s helping others become CEOs behind new, innovative fashion brands with solid products, yes, but more importantly, solid business models.

Meet this week’s guest, Syama Meagher, CEO of Scaling Retail.

Taking everything she’d learned working behind-the-scenes for household-name fashion brands and retailers and stepping out on her own wasn’t a hard decision for Syama. As you’ll hear her say during our conversation, she didn’t ask permission. She just did it. What’s more, she did it the smart way: before she ever left her corporate gig, she opened up her consulting business, a side hustle she pledged to work on during nights and weekends. Today Syama works with brands one-on-one and through the Fashion Profit Plan program, a nine-week course focused on the business fundamentals entrepreneurs need to launch and grow successful fashion companies. A woman to watch in more ways than one, Syama has doubled down on video: you’ll find her advice for growing businesses on YouTube and, more and more these days, Instagram Live.

Listen in on today’s conversation for Syama’s journey from corporate retail to building her own company, one that specializes in helping fashion brands get started with viable, scalable futures baked into their foundations from the beginning. You’ll hear her advice for young brands, as well as her favorite app for hunting down contact information and the daily habit that keeps her mindset on the right track.

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