90: How The Scout Guide’s Susie Matheson & Christy Ford Turned A Blog Into The Gorgeous Print Sourcebook for Stylish Local Businesses in 60+ Cities

How does a blog from a Virginia college town become a full-fledged media company whose gorgeous printed books champion stylish local businesses and bring entrepreneurial opportunity to hometown editors in over 60 U.S. cities?

Meet this week’s guests, Susie Matheson & Christy Ford, co-founders of The Scout Guide.

There are so many things about Susie, Christy and what they’ve created with The Scout Guide that regular listeners will instantly recognize as Spirit of 608 favorites things: businesses that support small creative businesses, inventive twists on traditional models in media and publishing, economic opportunity where it doesn’t often exist and co-founders building a company that fits into their lives and not the other way around. The first guests to come on the show from my new hometown of Charlottesville, Virginia (a place I’ve fallen in love with over the last year), Susie and Christy will inspire you with what they’ve built, but I think they’ll also hook you with how they’ve built it. As you’ll hear in our conversation, they didn’t have it all figured out and actually resisted the direction that has ultimately resulted in their own success. At the same time, they weren’t afraid to double-down on a print publication at just the time magazines were folding all around them.

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Listen in on today’s conversation for Susie and Christy’s journey transforming what started as a blog into a must-read sourcebook for the best shops and most stylish businesses in The Scout Guide’s growing roster of locations.


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