88: How Jelt’s Jen Perry Cheated Death & Built An Ethical Belt Brand That Gives Back to Wounded Vets (Plus, Patent Process Dramas & Life Advice You Need)

On today’s show, we’re closing out the year with a guest who’s not only inspiring, but entertaining to the extreme.

Meet this week’s guest, Jen Perry, Founder of Jelt.

As you’ll hear me say in the introduction to the show, her infectious spirit could easily be something that bubbled up in the aftermath of a frightening medical emergency that landed her in the hospital close to death. But there’s just something about her approach to life and business that makes me suspect she had it all along. Either way, you only have to listen to this female entrepreneur for a few minutes to get that she’s a true original, just like the unique belts she devised using recycled materials and a patented design made to hold pants up without creating any extra bulge under slim-fitting shirts.

In the interview, you’ll hear her explain how – with no apparel or accessories industry experience whatsoever – she came to be running a belt company from Bozeman, MT. Along with that, she shares takeaways and advice from her experience patenting her design and working to create a product using recycled textiles.

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Listen to today’s conversation for Jen’s journey from the hospital bed to growing a brand that is not only ethically made, but gives back to military veterans wounded in combat. Plus, her tips for building your business – and a few mistakes she made that you’ll definitely want to hear about (hint: don’t let an intern do your books).


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