85: How Zero Experience Led to New Slow Fashion Thinking with Eight + Sand’s Noushie Mirabedi & Ronda Raymond

ep-85-noushiemirabedi-eightsand-squareWhat happens when two fashion outsiders with zero industry experience start a women’s apparel company? Most would crash and burn. But for the two women on the show today, outsider status was actually a gift that helped them see new ways to produce clothing and an entirely different perspective on profit margins.

Meet this week’s guests, Noushie Mirabedi and Ronda Raymond, co-founders of Eight + Sand.

As a self-described public health nerd and a legal technology specialist, Noushie and Ronda could have balked at their own lack of experience when they set out to create clothing that they – and women they know – were dying to wear, but struggled to find: classic silhouettes that weren’t overly feminine with well-made, long-lasting construction. Think go-to items like tees and button-downs, hoodies and one rad pair of seersucker lounge PJs. Instead, they accepted that they didn’t know what they didn’t know, and they did the next best thing: they asked everyone they could possibly find to sit down and talk to them about the fashion business. That led this pair of partners in business and in life to discover their own path, one that meant thinking different about fashion industry profit margins. By rethinking long-held beliefs about how to run a successful fashion brand, they are able to make the kind of clothing they want to sell their customers using the slow fashion methods they believe in and still walk away with a business.

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Listen to today’s conversation for Ronda and Noushie’s journey from literally the opposite sides of the world to their current home bases of Oakland, CA, and Austin, TX. We talk about brand- and business-building from the outsider’s perspective and how starting out with little more than a strong desire to do things differently can sometimes be more than enough.


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