84: From Flea Markets to a Flagship, 2K Retail Partners + B Corp Status with Dogeared’s Marcia Clarke


She started selling jewelry at Los Angeles flea markets. Today, she and her team of more than 100 are celebrating 25 years in business, a new flagship store, certified B Corp status and over 2,000 retail partners carrying the brand’s ethically made-in-the-USA jewelry collections.

Meet this week’s guest, Marcia Clarke, founder of Dogeared.

We feature a lot of startup founders on this show, but with today’s guest we bring a conversation full of wisdom and advice from the two and a half decades Marcia has spent in the brand-building trenches. It’s a show that will give you perspective on the long-game: sure, you’re hellbent on building a business with ethical underpinnings in the here and now, but it’s a welcome reminder of how creating a company that lasts is truly a marathon and not a sprint, despite what our fast-paced lives and startup-envying culture would sometimes suggest. Also notable in this conversation are Marcia’s infectiously laid-back attitude and her commitment to ethical manufacturing before the cause was inspiring films, international movements, style blogs and – of course – podcasts.

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Listen to today’s conversation for Marcia’s journey from flea markets to department store displays and, most recently, Dogeared’s own Santa Monica flagship. Stick around for the things you should be thinking about before pursuing B Corp status.


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