81: Trademarks, Partnerships + Legalese You’ll Love with Nashville Fashion Business Manager Cara Jackson


Is your business legally pressed, dressed and buttoned up? If thinking about the legal side of the fashion business you’re building makes you yawn, cringe or just plain kinda space out for a minute, today’s episode brings a welcome alternative to ordinary legalese.

Meet this week’s guest, Cara Jackson, founder of Cara Jackson LLC.

Not only is Cara a former attorney now running her own business management company for fashion and creative brands, but she’s just plain fun to listen to. From her home base of Nashville, Cara is on the show to talk about her path from the law office to becoming what she describes as a “part-time CEO” for up-and-coming companies that need her skills, as well as her advice about what areas of the law fashion entrepreneurs should keep in mind when they are starting out. While you should absolutely seek out the advice of your own attorney for any legal questions you have about your business, Cara’s advice will get you started down the right path and alert you to common issues that every woman in business needs to be aware of as she grows.

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Listen to today’s conversation for Cara’s journey from small town Louisiana to her current adventures partnering with brands who have the ideas and creativity down pat, but need help and support on the business side.  Stick around for her thoughts on trademarks, contracts and partnerships – and the three questions she asks me James Lipton-style.


Cara Jackson LLC: www.carajackson.co

Twitter: @cj_workandplay

Instagram: @cjworkandplay

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/cara-jackson-0a23442

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