8 Things You Absolutely Must Have to Get Great Press Right Now

Want to turn heads in the media? With in-person events changed forever and competition for attention on social media at an all-time high, it’s an excellent time to try reaching new audiences through positive PR and press. If you’re like many FEST founders right now, you are looking for ways to experiment, do things differently and keep your business growing in the face of changes and new challenges. Scoring mentions in the media not only adds to your credibility as a brand, but it’s  got a ton of added benefits:

  • Instant social proof — you appear relevant and trustworthy to new people
  • SEO value — the more sites that link to you means you’re easier to find through searches
  • A chance to tell your story — press can give you the opportunity to talk about more than just a single product or service and share a more nuanced, well-rounded portrait of your business with the world
  • Lasting impact — unlike social media posts, press and media mentions have a longer shelf life and are often read by new people months and even years after being published
  • Earned media doesn’t cost anything if you do it in-house. If you have time, that’s all you need to push a positive PR strategy for your brand forward.

So the reasons to start getting press are clear. But are you ready? That’s a question I hear over and over from female founders and entrepreneurs. In this episode, I tell you the eight things you absolutely must have to get great press right now. 

It might surprise you to find out that press releases, pitch emails and big budgets are nowhere on the list. So what is?

Listen for 8 steps every founder needs to know to start getting great press.

Hear more on this week’s solo episode of the Spirit of 608 podcast.

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