79: What PR Costs + Major Dos & Don’ts with Veteran Tech PR Pro and Serial Entrepreneur Jessica Gomez


In the fourth and final episode of the Spirit of 608 Fall FEST-ival of media experts mini-series running on the podcast throughout October, we meet a Texas-based public relations pro who’s no stranger to entrepreneurship and have a talk about how she went from working with music greats like Ray Charles to helping tech companies and major brands present themselves to the world through press. Plus, we get really specific about things founders need to know as they’re considering PR and how it can help grow your business (think: typical costs, the difference between PR and marketing and pitching dos and don’ts). But get this: she’s not just a communications gal. She’s also started multiple lifestyle brands and companies of her own – including a salsa brand and a half-silly-half-serious PC cover for Mac users who want to deter coffee shop thefts. In her years creating and managing public relations campaigns and advising both startups and major brands on the best way to get the word out, she’s built up a deep well of knowledge that you can benefit from to get more eyeballs on your FEST-ive products and services.

Meet this week’s guest, Jessica Gomez, a PR Pro and Entrepreneur who works with Upright Communications and has founded a number of companies, including her latest: Computr Case.

As you’ll hear me say in the intro to the show, it was a conversation I had with Jessica a few weeks ago that inspired me to run a month of media-focused podcast episodes for FEST founders. She was nice enough to tell me her own story when I reached out recently to ask for feedback as I’m building PressDope, and what she said was so sharp that I essentially created a month-long series to get her – and the other awesome media experts we’ve had in October – on the show.

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Listen to today’s conversation for Jessica’s journey from her early PR days in Hollywood to her current focus on advising startups and tech companies alongside brand-building of her own at Computr Case. Stick around until the midpoint of the show for her answers to nuts and bolts questions about PR, including how it costs, how long it takes and how you should and shouldn’t pitch. Last but not least, her top book recommendation for mastering the fine art of persuasion.


Computr Case: computrcase.com

Upright Communications: uprightcommunications.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/computrcase

Twitter: @jessicagomez13

Instagram: @jessicagomez13

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