74: Meet the Woman Turning Old, Landfill-Destined Cotton into New, Better Clothes with Evrnu’s Stacy Flynn


Do textiles make you giddy? If they haven’t yet, today could be the day. That’s because this week’s guest is leading the charge into textile territory that would just a few years ago have seemed, at best, incredibly farfetched and, at worst, logically impossible.

Enter this week’s guest Stacy Flynn, co-founder and CEO of Evrnu.

From her outpost in the Pacific Northwest (notably outside of U.S. fashion centers), Stacy is developing technology and a process with the potential to turn old clothes into new ones. But there’s more (more!): if Stacy has her way, the new clothes made from her company’s efforts will be stronger and longer-lasting than their predecessors. We’ll hear her explain the technology that’s caught the eye of Levi’s and is working behind the scenes to break textiles down in order to create new fibers, as well as the smog-filled day in China she realized she would spend the rest of her professional life working to right the wrongs of the industry where she’d long been an insider.

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Listen to Stacy’s story for the inside scoop on leaving one career path to go down the riskiest road possible, how she’s positioned the company to win numerous awards and accolades and why she’s perfectly happy to be running her company far away from fashion industry hubs such as New York or L.A..

Last but not least, Stacy’s ready to refill your bookshelf with her badass business read recommendations.


Evrnu: www.evrnu.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/evrnu

Twitter: @futureofapparel

Instagram: @evrnu

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