72: Celebrating One Year of #so608 with Lorraine’s Make Me Look 101 Media Strategy Formula for FEST Founders


This week, I’m bringing you a special solo episode to celebrate the one year anniversary of the Spirit of 608 podcast, a show I launched last September to put the spotlight on women building badass businesses at the intersection of fashion, entrepreneurship, sustainability and tech (I call it FEST, and I absolutely believe that the combination of those things is the future of the fashion industry, and a better fashion industry at that).

Okay so what’s so special here?

If you’ve been listening to the show over the last year, you know I’ve been building the business side of the show by doing less and less reporting-for-hire and more and more one-on-one work with FEST brands – and for good reason: I can’t think of a better way to help produce positive change in the fashion industry than taking what I know from years of working as a fashion journalist for publications such as WWD, FastCompany, the San Francisco Chronicle and many others and using that knowledge to give FEST founders an edge. You’ll hear me give a little more background on this episode and why I chose to celebrate the show’s anniversary this way (and not, say, by bringing on a big name guest) in the intro, but really it comes down to this: it’s the most valuable thing I personally can give listeners.

Make Me Look 101

When you listen this week, you’ll hear Make Me Look 101: the core strategies I recommend every FEST brand use to execute media outreach, in-house. I’ve broken it down into six key subject areas based on my approach to getting FEST brands more eyeballs and FEST founders more recognition and opportunities through thought leadership. This is the very advice brands pay me to tell them whenever I work one-on-one. While not everyone who listens t0 the show regularly may be dying for this kind of media-focused deep dive, I know how much of an impact a stronger, more focused strategy for outward communication with journalists, influencers and publications can – and will – make in every business, whether you’re FEST or not. So this is a gift-sode for those who want – and need – it.

But, wait Lorraine, I love the interview shows…

If you love (and prefer) the interview-based shows, I totally get it. Come back next week for a seriously amazing woman who’s coming on the show to tell us how she founded what many in the media are describing as the Amazon.com of Africa and what fashion, independent designers and local entrepreneurship has to do with its success.




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Last but not least, I explain what ever happened with the Make Me Look Academy I began promoting in the spring and where the Spirit of 608 is headed next.


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