71: The Business of Ethical Fashion Blogging with Sustainably Chic’s Natalie Smith

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From Instagram strategies to the reason every brand should have an affiliate program, the business of blogging sustainable fashion is our topic du jour on this week’s show, where I’m thrilled to chat with a South Carolina-based blogger devoted showcasing to ethical, sustainable and eco brands. So often (so often!), FEST founders ask how can I get more bloggers to pay attention to the awesome things I’m doing and how do all of these fashion blogger girls make a living anyway? Are you one of the many dying for insight here?

Enter this week’s guest Natalie Smith, founder of Sustainably Chic.

She’s bringing that insight and then some (we dig into social strategy, reaching out to bloggers and how brand affiliate programs can boost blogger content promotions). While working in a boutique post-college and in dire need of a creative outlet, Smith founded her blog on a whim. Today, she’s logging 60+ hours a week posting images featuring the very FEST-ive brands she reps, building an Instagram following that’s well in excess of 55K fans and maintaining a directory of ethical brands you can shop at all different price points.

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Listen to Natalie’s story for the inside scoop on becoming a fashion blogger with a sustainable mission, the challenges of turning a hobby into your main income stream and the way one blogger has found a way to balance fashion consumption she believes in with making a living.

Last but not least, Natalie’s advice for bringing sustainability into your day-to-day, her favorite mobile apps and the super hard-to-answer, embarrassing end-of-show question I’d never been asked before.


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