70: An Insider Tour of Fashion Gaming + Advice for Continuous Learning & Networking with Covet Fashion’s Blair Ethington

EP-70-Blair Ethington-CovetFashion-SquareStyle is not a competition, unless of course you’re talking about the three million (mostly) women competing in style challenges we’ll hear about this week. On today’s show, we get a deep dive on a fashion game that’s currently drawing millions (millions!) of monthly active users with its dynamic style challenges using covetable clothes and accessories from real brands. At the helm of this fashion-tainment gaming platform? A woman who’s risen the ranks in a traditionally male-dominated industry to build a digital outlet for fashion consumption that lets fans immerse themselves in all the goodness and creativity that comes with mixing and matching great style – just minus the actual textile consumption and subsequent waste.

Meet this week’s guest: Blair Ethington, senior vice president and general manager of Covet Fashion, a top game from female-focused mobile gaming company Crowdstar. 

Get ready for a conversation that pulls back the curtains on the world of fashion games, what draws fans in and keeps them there and how Blair and her team grew a game that legions of women love within an industry that typically caters to guys. We also talk sustainability and what the heck that might have to do with gaming.

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Listen to Blair’s story for the inside scoop on rising the ranks in the video game industry, why you need to keep learning new skills no matter how far you’ve advanced and her advice for growing your career the smart way (hint: network, network, network). Stay tuned to the end for two platforms Blair says are gold for connecting with key people in your industry.

Last but not least, the book about habits that Blair labels a must-read for entrepreneurs aiming to get their audiences to adopt new products and services.


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