7 Ethical Fashion Crowdfunding Campaigns to Know Right Now

You know what we think around here: the more ethical fashion brands in the world, the faster meaningful change will rock the fashion industry – and change it forever. Start summer off with 7 ethical fashion crowding funding campaigns to know about and support right now.

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In this fast-paced world, you might feel like choosing an outfit every day or shopping takes up an unnecessary amount of time. UnCo is here to solve that problem. UnCo does the bulk of the shopping for you, putting together a collection of pieces that fit your profile. All clothes come from a choice selection of partners, all of which are ethical fashion companies run by female founders. All UnCo personalized capsule collections can be mixed and matched in many different ways, saving you the need to shop continuously.

If you’d like your own personalized multipurpose wardrobe, check out UnCo’s Indiegogo campaign.

Rossi & Rei

For Rossi & Rei, luxury is a right that every person should have, whether it’s through one’s clothing, food, or overall lifestyle. They have made it their mission to be able to bring this sense of luxury to everyone, through their artisanal products, handmade in Italy by some of the best local crafters. One of these is Veronica Marucci, an Italian artisan in Paris, who creates summer hats by hand. An entire day’s work goes into each summer hat, making each inch of it truly special.

If the artsy and luxurious lifestyle is something you’d fancy, check out Rossi & Rei’s Kickstarter here.

Evelyn & Bobbie

This startup is offering a solution to one of womankind’s oldest problems – the bra. Every woman wants a bra that fits perfectly. Bonus points if it’s a strapless one, with no need to hide straps or awkward bumps and folds caused by the bra. Evelyn & Bobbie promise to revolutionize the bra, giving women all this, and even getting rid of the underwire. Their very own Everyday Bustier (EB) is a wireless and strapless bra that doesn’t fall down, thanks to well-researched and data-driven design. The bras even come in different skin tones, as well as black and navy blue. Evelyn & Bobbie are so confident with their product that they even offer full refunds to those who are unsatisfied with their bras.

If you can’t wait for this different kind of bra, you can check their Kickstarter here.


Headed by Sezin and Hoa, designer partners with extensive experience in the fashion industry, Pause aims to redefine quality in New York City. A curated set of 7, wear-to-work pieces for the modern day woman that is made using slow fashion practices. The company ensures that fair wages and good working conditions are met and that each shirt keeps its carbon footprint to a bare minimum. Manufacturing is strictly in New York City, as Pause also hopes to grow New York’s manufacturing sector. Pause is not only made in New York, but for New York.

Eager to support these designs? Head on over to Pause’s Kickstarter.

Backcountry Denim Co

If you’re looking for denim that you can wear anywhere and anytime, look no further than the Backcountry Denim Country. Their jeans are made using Dyneema technology, currently the strongest fiber there is, meaning no more senseless tears or ripped pockets. BDCo backs this up with a lifetime guarantee for all seams and hardware, like zippers, buttons, and rivets. These jeans only get better with age, and BDCo encourages you to take their jeans anywhere, from the conference room to mountain summits. The company also has an environmental advocacy to plant-remove-improve: plant native species, remove harmful species or waste, and improve existing outdoor trails.

If you’re ready to purchase a pair of jeans that will last you a lifetime, visit Backcountry Denim Co’s Kickstarter.

ACED Design

Composed of a group of business school students, ACED Design is presenting a wild card in men’s fashion, with the RompHim – a romper designed especially for men. Tired of the lack of creative designs for men’s fashion, ACED Design gives you a romper that’s stylish and wearable for various occasions, particularly for this summer season. The RompHim comes in a handful designs and fabrics, such as red and blue chambray, and a splatter print cotton romper. A sizing chart is available for preorders, and each RompHim has an adjustable waist to make sure the fit is just right.

Be sure to check out their fun video on their Kickstarter, which just might convince you to get one!


A sustainable fashion brand that creates unique and chic clothing, SixChel is a brand for the modern day woman. Founder Dina Chavez decided to go the ethical fashion route after experiencing the negative effects of the world’s environmental situation, when she lost her sister to cancer. She decided she didn’t want to contribute to the pollution the fast fashion industry has already created, and instead became a staunch supporter of the ethical fashion space. A brand with a heart, SixChel is set to empower women through a positive and acceptable environment.

If you’d like to support SixChel or hear more about Dina’s story, check out SixChel’s Kickstarter.

Images courtesy (from top) Unco, Rossi + Rei, Evelyn & Bobbie, Pause, Backcountry Denim Co, ACED Design, SixChel



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