69: From Law & Lallapalooza to Founding Fashion’s Mini-MBA and Harvard’s Startup Studio with TrendSeeder’s Avani Patel


Life doesn’t always go the way you (or your parents) planned.

Sometimes you think you’re going to be a doctor. But you end up becoming a lawyer. And then a pair of pants you design end up on Prince. Like that Prince. And dot dot dot, you start a fashion business accelerator that WWD has described as a mini fashion MBA. Ain’t life grand and full of fascinating twists and turns?

Enter this week’s guest Avani Patel, founder & CEO of TrendSeeder & founding director of Harvard’s HBS Startup Studio.

It’s easy to feel like the place you are today is where you’ll be forever. For proof that’s far from the case, listen to Avani, who took a traditional route and climbed the ladder as an attorney, but never gave up on her love for fashion.

Today, her legal career is more than a solid foundation for her entrepreneurial adventures as the founder of TrendSeeder, an NYC-based education and networking platform for fashion business founders and, more recently, a new role as the first director of the startup studio program Harvard Business School created for its New York alumns.


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Listen to Avani’s story for the inside scoop on following your passion even as you pursue a traditional corporate job and how being entrenched in fashion may not mean your day-to-day has anything to do with design.

Last but not least, Avani’s advice for your next launch. Hint: it better not be perfect. Seriously. Don’t do it.


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