68: Behind the Pivots, Press & Parental Ties at Kristy Kim’s Jewelry Startup DearMissJ


Refreshing realness. How nice is it when that happens?

Enter this week’s guests Kristy Kim, CEO of DearMissJ.

In interviewing hundreds of people over the years, I’ve learned that there are the kinds of people who tell you what they think sounds good and then leave you to read between the lines for the real story. And then there are others who just tell you their story and feel perfectly comfortable doing so because, well, it’s what happened. DearMissJ founder Kristy is one of the latter. During our conversation about the start of her jewelry ecommerce startup, this Bay Area-based female founder gets ultra-frank about running a business that relies heavily on your mom, gives us the real-deal on tough decisions and changes she had to make to the company’s original business model and lets us in on her media outreach strategy and what new overseas partnerships lie ahead for the brand. Not every founder who comes on the show is (or can be) as straightforward, open and generous with her story as Kristy is this week. Claps for the realness – it’s what will ultimately get more women ahead in business.

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Listen to Kristy’s story for the inside scoop on starting a jewelry ecommerce startup business with family ties, how she got the press hits she did, plus the challenges you face when you can’t do it all and have to choose one path over another.

Last but not least, discover the daily morning habit that Kristy swears by for less stress and a better attitude throughout the day.



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