67: Why Your Day Job Matters with Can I Park Here? Podcasters & Makers ‘Nache Snow and Astral Riles


Ditching the day job is plenty popular these days, but what if that’s not your dream scenario (what with incalculable risk, income fluctuations, constant hustle and zero benefits…not so perf when you look at it like that). Sure, it’s fun to ponder the what ifs and the possibilities if total creative autonomy landed in our laps, but for many entrepreneurial women out there, it’s not the savviest play. But keeping the day job doesn’t have to mean a ho-hum creative life, nor does it have to mean doom to half-assed digital business ventures, contrary to what many in the online business world would have you believe. Illustrating that creative side gigs, podcasting and female entrepreneurship can be friends with a 9-to-5, a pair of dynamite podcasting makers will have you believing the flip side of solopreneur-ship sounds not only intriguing, but pretty damn smart.

Enter this week’s guests ‘Nache Snow & Astral Riles, co-founders of the Can I Park Here? Podcast and Find A Fashion Truck.

Longtime friends and makers of to-die-for wall hangings and wooden home accessories, ‘Nache and Astral are not only addictively fun to listen to when they interview guests on their Can I Park Here? podcast for female entrepreneurs in the fashion truck space, but they’re also full-time career ladies who see the value in sticking to their careers. But don’t think for a second they’re letting that curb their enthusiasm for creating beautiful things and building resources like FindAFashionTruck.com for fellow women in business.

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Listen to ‘Nache and Astral for the inside scoop on holding down a day job while crafting, podcasting and brand-building.

Last but not least, self-described podcast addict ‘Nache lets us in on some of her current favorite shows.


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