65: How Model & Photojournalist Megan Kitt is Building an Ethical Jewelry Brand Tuli in Africa by Way of Japan

EP-65-Megan Kitt-Tuli-SquareWork with overseas artisans is at the core of countless FEST-ive brands today, but what really goes on behind the scenes when you’re trying to build a business and your workforce is not only in another country, but also facing entirely different economic and social realities than you are? And how much more interesting does the equation get when the female founder is also a journalist, entrepreneur, fashion model and photographer orchestrating it all from Japan?

Enter this week’s guest Megan Kitt.

After working as a newspaper journalist post-college, Kitt headed to Asia, where she funded life abroad with a mix of modeling and media work. When one assignment led her to Uganda, it opened the door for the start of Tuli, an online jewelry company Kitt is building that translates traditional African paper beading into on-trend styles with an eye for the Western market. We talk about how she connected with artisans on the ground in Uganda, the challenges she first encountered and the team she’s built to create a company that not only delivers on its promises to its customers, but also to its workers. Plus, lots of insight and advice for anyone considering following dreams of entrepreneurship overseas.

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Listen to Megan’s story for the inside scoop on becoming a female solopreneur when you’re traveling the world, as well as the challenges and realities of working with artisans in Africa to translate traditional crafts into products stateside consumers will scramble to buy.

Last but not least, Kitt’s advice for streamlining your Instagram feed with the help of one killer app.


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