64: What it Really Takes to Launch & Grow Fashionable Wearable Tech With Caeden’s Nora Levinson


Smell the flowers, blow out the candle. That’s my favorite way of telling others (usually my kids – and, if I’m being honest, myself) to, “Take a deep breath.”  But what if a badass and incredibly good-looking (said with Zoolander accent) bracelet could do help me do that? And oh, p.s., what kind of entrepreneur has a snowball’s chance of establishing and growing a wearable technology brand with technology that people really truly want to wear? Enter Nora Levinson, CEO of Caeden, who is is on the show this week to drop knowledge on all of the above. At a time when everyone and their tech-savvy mother seems to be trotting out stylish wearable technology products that, let’s get real, fall short of the mark or fail because of unforeseen manufacturing cluster-f-ery, Nora’s company recently debuted a second wearable tech product one that’s not only easy on the eyes, but takes it a step farther and aims to help its wearer not only monitor activity, but overall stress level. And can I get an amen to less stress and anxiety? If anything should be permanently in style, then it’s that.

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Listen to Nora’s story for the inside scoop on female entrepreneurship within the wearable tech space and why this founder left a comfortable job in the United States for much-more-intense roles in China – and how that’s created something of an unfair advantage for her today. Plus, a shoutout to her co-founder, David, who gives her some real-life advice that ends up helping advance her career and leaves me saying, if you do one thing today, be a Dave.


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