62: Must-Know Advice for Applying to Fashion Tech Accelerator Programs With Plug and Play Tech Center’s Candace Widdoes


Fashion tech accelerators were once outliers in techland (I reported on what I consider the very first one founded by Enrico Beltramini back in 2011), but since then the numbers have grown – and grown. And now it’s like, woah nelly, get the wagons, we are headed for a new frontier (only slightly less cheesy sounding than that) because there are fashion tech accelerators from Rent the Runway Foundation, Asos, Sephora, the New York Fashion Tech Lab, XRC and many others. The latest to arrive on the scene – and one with an intriguing partnership with one of France’s biggest name retailers – comes from the Plug and Play Tech Center. Dubbed Lafayette Plug and Play for its affiliation with Galleries Lafayette, the program launching in September will bring 10 companies to Paris for a three-month accelerator program. With applications now open, it was a treat to be able to bring Candace Widdoes, COO of Plug and Play Tech Center to the show this week to drop insider knowledge on what goes on behind-the-scenes at accelerators, as well as must-know tips and advice for founders considering submitting for this – or any – accelerator program.

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Listen to Candace’s journey for the inside scoop on choosing the right accelerator program for your company, what you need to have on hand before you apply and what pursuing a career inside an investment-oriented family fund is like day-to-day.


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