58: Kara Ross on Creating Diamonds Unleashed, Empowering Women to Buy Their Own Bling + Teaching Girls to Code

EP-58-KaraRoss-DiamondsUnleashed-SquareHave you ever bought yourself a diamond? That’s a question today’s guest asked me – and she had me stumped (which is not something that happens often – listen to the show, and you know I like to talk). But when Diamonds Unleashed founder Kara Ross asked me that, I had to think about the answer.

It didn’t take long for me to do a quick mental survey – all gifts. Important, beautiful gifts. But underneath her question and the reality of how rare it is for women to buy their own diamonds is another question: why? Why is it that women are unlikely to buy what is widely considered to be one of the world’s most beautiful objects for themselves? Why do we wait for other people to give us diamonds?

With her latest venture, Ross, a longtime jewelry designer who’s created custom work for a lengthy roster of high-profile clients that includes the President and the First Lady Barack and Michelle Obama, is setting out to shift how women think about diamonds and use the fruits of that campaign to empower and create new educational opportunities for girls. Let me say it another way: Ross wants you to buy yourself a diamond (a responsibly-sourced one, btw) as a symbol of empowerment and use the net profits from that purchase to fund non-profit partners such as Girls Who Code and She’s the First. I don’t know about you, but I’d so put a ring on that.

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Listen to Kara’s journey from building her eponymous jewelry brand Kara Ross New York into a well-known source for fine jewelry that doubles as fine art (you’ll find her work in more than a few museums) and her reasons for transitioning into philanthropy with the launch of Diamonds Unleashed, which has committed to donating all the net profits of its jewelry sales to its partner non-profits.


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