7 FEST-ive Bags That Do More Than Carry Your Sh*t

We all feel a little lighter in the New Year, but this girl still needs something to carry her sh*t in style. For your next on-the-go adventures, try a bag that can do more than simply tote the goods.

From functional perks to socially responsible style, the following FEST-ive bags get the job done while looking good and then some.


Kennebecker developed from founder Laura Alexandra Wittig’s personal need to carry her gear conveniently. As she shares in EP 126 of the Spirit of 608, while living in the rainy city of Seattle, Laura couldn’t find a bag that was both water resistant and stylish enough to bring to work. She ended up solving her own problem by creating a product designed to suit her needs – all while holding down full-time jobs at Amazon, Google and, most recently, Sephora.

Not only do the Kennebecker bags aim to keep all your valuables safe and dry, from boardroom or playroom to gym and then to happy hour, the removable lining is super easy to wash. All bags are produced ethically and with responsible business practices in mind. Kennebecker is currently accepting pre-orders, so if you’re looking to strike that “work/bag balance,” this may very well be the only bag you’ll want for 2018.

Betabrand’s Travel Tote

This San Francisco-based company has a whole new model to the crowdfunding trend – if you like it, buy it first, then Betabrand produces it once enough people have crowdfunded it into production. In many ways,  consumer acts as a co-designer, funding the designs that they prefer. As a result of this production process, their products are more innovative than your average brand, their manufacturing model is efficient and products end up being instant crowd-pleasers.

One product to note is their Betabrand’s Travel Tote. Apart from its simple and sleek design, this travel tote can go from tote bag to backpack or even crossbody bag, thanks to its versatile design. It can fit a 15-inch laptop and still slide comfortably under the seat in front of you. With tons of pockets for easy access to documents and valuables, this travel tote assures that your most important items are always organized and safe.

If you’re ready to jet set in 2018, you’re in luck! Since Betabrand is a show sponsor of the Spirit of 608 podcast, you can purchase the Betabrand Travel Tote (or anything on the site) at a 20% discount when you use the code spirit20.

LZL’s Pyramid Bag

For those always seeking something different, LZL’s Pyramid bag is sure to be one of the the most unique bags you’ll see. Produced in Italy, LZL’s bags are influenced by contemporary art, minimalism and ideas around androgyny, all of which gives founder Larissa Zadia Leong (now you know where LZL comes from) a look like they come straight from a painting or sculpture.

Another bonus: her pieces don’t follow any certain trend or season, but their standout silhouettes means they’re always sure to be strong statement pieces. It’s fair to say that you won’t just be carrying around a bag with LZL, you’ll pretty much be carrying around a work of art.

Aitch Aitch MK Tote

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. For Aitch Aitch, cast-offs the very core material they use for their MK Tote and the rest of their product – salmon skin. All Aitch Aitch bags are made from salmon skin leather, which is a natural by-product of the fishing industry. Adding to the feel good factor, Aitch Aitch was awarded the Butterfly Mark from the Positive Luxury Organization for its efforts in keeping their environmental footprint to a minimum.

For quite a durable material, salmon skin turns out to be a surprisingly thin and has a special delicacy to it, which is great for Aitch Aitch owners, but requires specialized manufacturing techniques. Consequently, the Aitch Aitch bags are made to order and come in midnight (black), stone (gray), teal and a vivid maroon.

Rossi and Rei Satchel

Another luxury bag to add to your list is Rossi and Rei’s Satchel. This satchel is made from the finest bull hide, making it undoubtedly durable, while being stylishly resistant to wear and tear. Unlike other Italian luxury bags, this satchel can be worn in a number of ways thanks to its flexible strap options. The detachable straps themselves also come in different colors, in case you want an extra strap to mix up the look.

The satchel comes in two sizes, the full size and the mini. The sides on the bag can also be pushed in for a different look. As finishing touches are made by hand by Italian artisans.

Modjewel Clutch

Fully customizable handbags by Modjewel

Have you ever owned a bag that just didn’t go with enough looks? You’d say, “Ugh, I wish the print was neutral,” or “Jeeze, I wish the hardware was silver.” Well, future crisis averted and major problem solved thanks to the clever team at Modjewel. The way their process works is that you start with a base bag and then you are able to swap out the covers, straps and clasps to customize the bag for your changing needs and style. By using the same base bag but with fresh details, you are able to reinvent your look while minimizing waste – no need to purchase an entirely new clutch. It’s totally mod, check them out!


Filbert Luxury Vegan Handbags Made in America

Okay, we’ll admit it – bags from Filbert are really good at carrying your sh*t with many oversized options available. However, we know that many of our readers are interested in bags that not only do work to keep your stuff in tow, but also do no harm. All Filbert bags are “PETA-approved vegan” carriers ready to bring a fashionable solution to your heavy-lifting without hurting animals. If you’re on board with Filbert’s mission to create luxury handbags made in the USA without conforming to the traditional status quo of using leather, you’re going to want to take a second (and third and fourth) look. The result is a functional yet luxe handbag that meets the needs of the luxury-seeking, ethically-minded shoppers.

Images courtesy of Kennebecker, Betabrand, LZL, Aitch Aitch, Rossi and Rei, Modjewel, FIGTNY and Filbert



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