46: From Corporate Fashion to Creative Business Building with The Merchant Home’s Alexandra Sklar

I knew I’d found the exact right ladyboss to kick off the March Home Madness mini-series on the podcast when I spoke to Alexandra Sklar, the founder of The Merchant Home, a boutique merchandising and creative services studio based in (my until-recently hometown) San Francisco. From her first love – architecture – Alexandra went on to work in fashion as a buyer before moving into home decor for a fast-growing Urban Outfitters brand and, ultimately, launching her own company. And this year, this hard-working mom with a social media following well over 100K debuted her latest project – one I’m fascinated by – The Year of Open. As I take the month of March to delve into interviews with badass female design entrepreneurs, Alexandra gets us going by bringing amazing insight and advice on life transitions, entrepreneurship and her hunch that sharing knowledge, however risky it may feel, will lead to better things in business.

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Listen to Alexandra’s story to hear how she handled shifting gears when she realized the degree program she’d worked her whole life to get into wasn’t aligned with the career she felt most called to pursue. Plus, the way a cross-country move led to an entirely new business. And last but not least, her single best piece of advice for any new entrepreneur.


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