44: Golden Advice on Networking, Failure & Fashion Startups with Boon+Gable’s Diane Loviglio


Today I hope you’ll open up the podcast to hear Diane Loviglio, Founder & CEO of Boon+Gable, a San Francisco fashion app that sends professional stylists laden with clothes to your home at no charge. But loads of stylish clothes are not the real reason to listen to Diane (who, by the way, absolutely hates to shop and created the company to solve her own problem). This serial startup entrepreneur has had her hands in clean energy, co-founding the FailCon tech conferences, advising other startup entrepreneurs at 500 Startups and, before that, did time as the first UX qualitative researcher for Mozilla. It should come as no surprise that she’s great at the hustle, growing her network and working with a small, growing team.

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Listen to Diane’s story for one young entrepreneur’s can’t-miss networking advice and a reminder that, sometimes, not knowing things can embolden you in a way that gets you places much more seasoned pros won’t dare.


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Diane’s LinkedIn


500 Startups as a mentor

Fail Con

The story Lorraine wrote about Diane’s startup

David Pogue


Carnegie Mellon

Shanna Tellerman

“The Legend of Billie Jean”

Active Campaign

Radio and Podcasting 101 at the San Francisco Writer’s Grotto

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