43: Startup Fashion’s Nicole Giordano on Finding Her Calling & Building a Community for Entrepreneurs


More than a few new fashion business owners have gotten a leg up thanks to the efforts of Nicole Giordano, the Founder & CEO of Startup Fashion, and today I’m thrilled to be able to share her story with listeners. A trained weaver who went on to consult for numerous apparel businesses before starting her community-driven platform for emerging and independent entrepreneurs in the fashion and accessories space, Nicole turned her own personal experience into a well of knowledge – and an avenue for connection – with an open-arms approach that runs counter to what you’d typically expect from an industry long associated with exclusive tendencies. On top of that, she’s just a really nice, earnest, hard-working and creative female entrepreneur building a business that’s hell bent on helping others out.

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Listen to Nicole’s story for how a job abroad got her closer to her true calling, her advice for early stage entrepreneurs hoping to launch a fashion business on their own terms and more than a few nuggets of life wisdom.


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